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The European Green Deal sets the EU on a course to become a sustainable climate neutral and circular economy by 2050. An important part of the Green Deal is the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability. It is a first step towards the EU’s zero pollution ambition for a “toxic-free” environment. How will this strategy impact the field of toxicology? And vice versa? During the annual scientific meeting of the NVT several important aspects of the Chemicals Strategy will be discussed; Safe-by-design, next generation risk assessment, non-standard endpoints, and the policy-science interface. As toxicology matters to all, every toxicology sector will be covered by tackling these important aspects.

All participants are encouraged to submit an abstract to present their research via a pitch or poster (instructions will follow). We are happy to invite you to the meeting at Congrescentrum de Reehorst, Ede. The new date for the ‘NVT-member’ day, including the annual NVT business meeting, is May 24th. The ‘young scientists’-day is scheduled on May 25th.



President NVT Juliette Legler
Organizing committee Hans Bouwmeester, Paul Jennings, Martijn Rooseboom, Peter Theunissen, Annemijne van den Berg, Joyce van der Heijden, Merel van der Most, Lennart van Melis, Nienke Ruijter, Fabian Wagenaars